Personal Information

·First Name: Yingmin, Last Name: Chen

·Sex: Female

·Date of Birth: Apri. 28, 1972



·Ph.D., Developmental and Educational Psychology,ShandongNormalUniversity, 2008—present

·M.Ed., Educational Psychology,ShandongNormalUniversity, 1995--1998

·B.A., School Education,ShandongNormalUniversity, 1991--1995

Professional and Academic Positions

·Associate Professor,PsychologySchoolShandongNormalUniversity, 2006—present

·Lecturer, School Education,ShandongNormalUniversity, 2000--2006

Research Interests

·Culture psychology

·Counseling Psychology


The structure of the shyness among the junior high school students and its impact mechanisms: the effects of gene, environment and self. Ministry of Education, Humanities and social science research projects, 2012.(12YJC190004)

Selected Publications

1. Chen Y. M. & Gao. F.Q.. An Exploration into Chinese Traditional Psychotherapy Ideas Through Organic Philosophy. Psychological exploration, 2009(2):15-18.

2. Chen Y. M. & Gao. F.Q.. Process,integrity and harmony: The clash and revelation of process philosophy and Chinese traditional philosophy. Journal of EAST china normal university,2009(3):55-61.

3. Gao. F.Q. & Chen Y. M.. An exploration and analysis of chinese traditional psychotherapy. George Derfer, Zhihe Wang, and Michel Weber (eds.), The roar of awakening. A Whiteheadian dialogue between western psychotherapies,2009.9.

4. Chen Y. M. et al.. Striding over the gap between research and practice: Interactive systems framework of community psychology. Journal ofShandongNormalUniversity, 2002, 47(3), 117-119.