Curriculum Vitae

Xu Fuzhen


Xu Fuzhen—Associate Professor

School of Psychology, Shandong Normal University, No. 88 Wenhuadong Road,Jinan, P. R. China 250014



Ph. D. in Developmental and Educational Psychology


M. A. in Developmental and Educational Psychology

Professional and Academic Positions

Assistant Professor of Preschool Pedagogy,YanzhouNormal School(1995-1998)

Lecturer of Pedagogy,XuzhouNormalUniversity(1998-2004)

Lecturer of Psychology,ShandongNormalUniversity(2004-2011)

Associate Professor of Psychology,ShandongNormalUniversity(2011- )

Research Interest

Development of Children and Adolescents’ Internalizing Problem;

Adolescent Development

Research Grants

Educational Sciences Planning ofShandong Province,China

“The impact of family environment and peer relationship on adolescents’ alienation”

(2008-2009)         (Role: Principal Investigator)

Social Science Foundation ofShandong Province,China

“The impact of adolescents’ alienation on Internet Dependency: Moderating effect of family functioning and peer acceptance”

(2009-2012)         (Role: Principal Investigator)

Recent Publications

Xu, F. Z., & Zhang, W. X. (2011) Relationship between Adolescents’ Alienation and Pathological Internet Use: Testing the Moderating Effect of Family Functioning and Peer Acceptance. Acta Psychologica Sinica, 43,410−419.

Xu, F. Z., & Zhang, W. X. (2010). Family functioning and adolescents’ alienation: Moderating effect of peer acceptance and its gender difference. Psychological Development and Education, 26, 274−281.

Xu, F. Z., Zhang, W. X., & Zhang L. L. (2009). Effect of family function on adolescents’ alienation: Moderated mediating effect. Acta Psychologica Sinica, 41, 1165−1174.

Zhang, W. X., Xu, F. Z., Zhang, L. L., Wang, S. Q., Yu, F. J., & Gao, T. (2009). The relationships of Chinese college students’ personal future planning and attitude towards future with depression. Psychological Science, 32, 824−827.

Chen, G. H., Xu, F. Z., Li J., & Zhang, W. X. (2009). The Chinese version of the Clustering Child Behavior Checklist. Studies of Psychology and Behavior, 7, 219−225.

Xu, F. Z., & Zhang, W. X. (2008). The characteristics of adolescents’ alienation and its relation to their family functioning. Journal of Shandong NormalUniversity (Humanities and Social Science Edition), 53, 154−157.


Xu, F. Z. (2007). Reflection on healthy personality remodeling of the contemporary college students—A humanistic psychology perspective. Journal ofInner MongoliaNormalUniversity(Humanities and Social Science Edition), 36, 79−82.

Xu, F. Z. (2006). Research on adolescents’ alienation. Journal ofShandongNormalUniversity(Humanities and Social Science Edition), 51, 134−137.

International Conference Presentations

Xu, F. Z., & Zhang, W. X. (July, 2008). The relationship between family function, peer acceptance and adolescents′ alienation. Paper presented at the Biennial Meeting of International Society for Study on Behavioral Development (ISSBD),Würzburg City,Germany


Healthy Psychology (Undergraduate Course)

Psychological Development and Education (Undergraduate Courses)

Healthy Personality of College Students (Undergraduate Course)

Research on Adolescents’ Psychological Problems (Graduate Course)

Behavior Modification and Crisis Intervention (Graduate Course)

Professional Memberships

Member of Chinese Psychological Society

Member ofShandongPsychological Society