Lei Cui

Department of Psychology,ShandongNormalUniversity

No 88, Lixia District,Wenhua East Road,Jinan,Shandong, 250014, P.R. China)

Email: cuilei_cn@163.com




2000.9-2004.7 B.Sc. Qufu Normal University,Qufu,China

2004.9-2007.7 M.Ed. SouthChinaNormal University,Guangzhou,China

2008.9-2011.7 Ph.D. Tianjin Normal University,Tianjin,China

2012.5-now   Currently, I am employed as a researcher and associate professor at the Department of Psychology,ShandongNormalUniversity.


Research Interests

My research interests mainly focus on visual cognitive psychology. Particularly, I am interested in cognitive processing during Chinese reading, which include eye movement control model, compound processing and text comprehension.



Papers in Western Journals

Cui, L., Drieghe, Denis, Bai, X., Yan, G. and Liversedge, Simon P. (2014) Parafoveal preview benefit in unspaced and spaced Chinese reading. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, 67(11): 2172-2188.

Cui, L., Yan, G., Bai, X., J. Hyönä., Wang, S., & Liversedge, S. P. (2013). Parallel Processing of Compound Word Characters in Reading Chinese: An Eye Movement Contingent Display Change Study. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, 66(3): 527-547.

Cui, L., Drieghe, D., Yan, G., Bai, X., Hui, C., & Liversedge, S. P. (2013). Parafoveal Processing Across Different Lexical Constituents in ChineseReading. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, 66(2): 403-416..

Shen, D., Liversedge, S. P., Tian, J., Zang, C., Cui, L., Bai, X., Yan, G., & Keith, R. (2012). Eye Movements of Second Language Learners when Reading Spaced and Unspaced Chinese Text. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied, 18(2):192-202.

Yan, G., Bai, X., Zang, C., Bian, Q., Cui, L., Qi, W., Liversedge, S. P. & Keith, R. (2012). Using Stroke Removal to Investigate Chinese Character Identification duringReading: Evidence From Eye Movements.Reading and Writing, 25(5):951-979.


Selected Papers in Chinese Journals

郑玉玮,崔磊.(2016). 多媒体在教育中的应用:一个矛盾的复合体. 电化教育研, 11, 19-25.

郑玉玮,王亚兰,崔磊.(2016). 眼动追踪技术在多媒体学习中的应用:20052015 年相关研究的综述. 电化教育研, 04, 68-76.

郑玉玮,崔磊.(2014).多媒体的教学原则及其发展模型. 中国教师, 03, 72-76.

迟慧,闫国利,许晓露,夏萤,崔磊,白学军.(2014). 声旁语音信息对形声字加工的影响—来自眼动研究的证据. 心理学报, 09,1242-1260.

闫国利,迟慧,崔磊,夏萤,许晓露,白学军.(2014). 汉字笔画像素数省略对中文句子阅读影响的眼动研究. 心理科学, 03, 521-527.

张巧明,崔磊.2014.小学生对不同词语类型预视加工的发展.心理与行为研究,05, 645-651.

闫国利,迟慧,卞迁,徐子珺,崔磊.(2013). 声旁与笔画省略方式对形声字识别的影响. 心理科学, 01, 14-19.

闫国利,熊建萍,臧传丽,余莉莉,崔磊,白学军.(2013). 阅读研究中的主要眼动指标评述.心理科学进展, 04,589-605.

闫国利,孙莎莎,崔磊,白学军. (2013). 汉字命名与句子阅读中的同音字密度效应. 心理科学, 04, 776-780.

崔磊,王穗苹,闫国利,白学军. (2010).中文阅读中副中央凹与中央凹相互影响的眼动实验. 心理学报, 42(5), 547558.




1.      The developmental study of preview processing for different kinds of Chinese words. China Postdoctoral Science Foundation, grant number 2015M582125

2.      Effects of word property on preview benefit during Chinese reading: Evidence from eye movement and ERPs. National Science Foundation of China, grant number 31200765

3.      The eye movement study about preview effect and the related factors. Natural Science Foundation ofShandong, grant number ZR2012CQ034


Lecture Course

1.      Research Methods in Psychology for undergraduate students

2.      Advanced Research Methods in Psychology for master students