Weibin  Mao

School of Psychology, Shandong Normal University

No. 88, East Wenhua Rd, Jinan, P. R. China, 250014



 Visiting Scholar, 2010.02-2010.08, Washington University in Saint Louis

 Ph. D.,  2006-2009, East China Normal University

Master, 1987-1990, Shandong Normal University

Bachelor, 1983-1987, Shandong Normal University


Professor (2011-) Shandong Normal University

Associate Professor (2005-2010): Shandong Normal University

Associate Professor (1999-2005): Jinan Educational  College


Human cognition and memory (false memory, working memory, emotional memory and bilingual recognition), brain and cognition (electrophysiological basis of false memory), cross-linguistic study of  false memory.


National Natural Science Foundation of China: Effects of emotional arousal on associative memory: The limits and cognitive neural mechanisms(31571113).

Natural Science Foundation of Shandong Province: Emotion-induced memory trade-offs in directed forgetting of complex emotional stimuli(ZR2014CM022).


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Graduate Courses:  Cognitive Psychology, Emotion Lectures

Undergraduate Courses:  Cognitive Psychology,Emotion Psychology


Acta Psychological Sinica;  

Advances in Psychological Science;

Psychological Science